Brazilian Wood Objects

BWObjects is a B2B company that curates ethically sourced and ecologically harvested artisanal Brazilian objects and furniture and connects them to your business, client, or home. Traditionally produced in the Amazon, our artifacts, furniture, and decorative objects promote the local economy by supporting its makers. Our hand-carved pieces are sustainably sourced from salvaged wood from the Brazilian Amazon. Whether it’s an artfully crafted table showcased in the lobby of five-star hotel, a hand-carved jewelry box beautifying your home, or a customized limited edition dining table, being a BWObjects consumer means you are supporting the local Manaus artisanal community and their ecological surroundings.

The Objects

Our decorative objects are made by artisans from native communities of the Amazon who specialize in obtaining resources in a non-predatory form. Produced from wood of varied Amazonian trees (Itaúba, Violeta, Saboarana, Marupá, Muirapiranga, Angelim Pedra, Louro Tucano, Coração de Negro, Comaru Ferro, Louro Gamela) and extracted sustainably from uprooted trees or chosen ones already in the process of natural decomposition.

The Production

Handcrafted in small artisan workshops that utilize basic wood working hand tools, and are finished off with a colorless sealer to preserve the natural color and beauty of the wood.

Madeira Caída Dining Tables

Tree trunk bases are all extracted sustainably from already uprooted Amazonian trees via a walk thru of the rain forest floor. The reclaimed wood is then taken out on foot. Each low-impact harvested, already hallowed out log is washed, sanded, dried in the sun, finished off with a colorless protectant sealer to preserve the natural color and beauty of the wood, numbered, and then made available for production.

The Care

While this creative process guarantees the durability and quality of the piece, it is necessary to keep the product clean with specific wood preservation oils, and keep objects out of long-term direct sunlight, rain, wind, and snow to preserve them indefinitely.

The Sustainability Guarantee

The native river dwellers ("the ribeirinhos") live in total harmony with the Amazon. The commercialization of this product guarantees dignified income for all, bringing sustainable social development to the region and its surrounding communities.

Experience Amazônia

through a teaser of this very important documentary: Amazônia Postal.

Produced by Rizoma Audiovisual 

Script by Gustavo Soranz

Directed by Gustavo Soranz and Erlan Souza