EPK Madeira Caída

Madeira Caída 

salvaged wood from the Brazilian Amazon

Madeira Caída is a limited edition run of 20 exclusive dining tables that promotes the local Brazilian economy by supporting indigenous artisanal communities. 

Individually handcrafted, table bases are fitted with a suspended glass top and can be personally customized from a variety of high-end glass edges and luxury hardware support. Each dining table in this limited edition series is signed and numbered. 

Madeira Caída is made by artisans from native communities of the Amazon who specialize in obtaining resources in a non-predatory form. The tree trunk bases are all hand selected from uprooted Amazonian trees via a walk thru of the rain forest floor and then taken out on foot. Each low-impact harvested, already hallowed out log is washed, sanded, dried in the sun, finished off with a colorless protectant sealer to preserve the natural color and beauty of the wood, plated signed and numbered, and made available for production.


Spring/Summer 2019

Founder, Thomas Lutazi


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