Ethically ConsciouS, Salvaged Wood Products

KAIDA provides raw materials for architects and designers as well as finished wood objects and high-end furniture for consumers. Uniquely crafted from salvaged wood, all of our materials are transparently sourced in partnership with indigenous artisans who are compensated fairly for their contribution.


The fragile ecosystem between humanity and environment thrives on connectivity and cooperation. We believe every decision we make should ethically contribute to a broader, positive change for the human race and the planet.


Collectively, consumers can create lasting change by taking small actions that impede destruction and preserve the beauty of the world. The ethically conscious, fine salvaged wood designs we supply to consumers, architects, and designers are with full origin and process transparency.


We promote the local Brazilian economy by supporting the indigenous artisanal communities. All indigenous artisans receive their fair share for their contribution in this process.

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“Partnering with KAIDA supports our heritage and our communities while allowing us to continue to monetize our crafts both in the city and in our villages.”

-Gumercindo, Artisan


Almost 400 billion trees make up the Amazon Rain Forest. Each one stands alone and yet is part of a complex, cooperative ecosystem. Through a vast root system and interconnected network, the trees of the Amazon communicate with one another to sustain its vital oxygen producing landscape.

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Louro Amarelo - Licaria rigida
With a straight and textured grain and a rich golden luster, this resilient, smooth finished wood is a favorite for high-end furniture designers.

Madeira Cedro Arana - Cedrelinga catenaeformis
Ranging from a pale to golden brown natural luster, this interlocking grained wood has a unique, open porous texture that is utilized for luxury furniture and interiors.

Coração de Negro - Swartzia leiocalycin
A durable wood of medium texture with straight or interlocked grains. The medium sized trees have a straight trunk with diameters of about 25 inches. This rich reddish to dark brown wood is often chosen for musical instruments, furniture, and sculpture.

Cumaru Ferro - Dipteryx odorata
Also known as Brazilian Teak, this versatile hardwood is beloved for its rich honey brown color and medium-grained texture.

Louro Faia - Roupala brasiliensis
Also known as Brazilian Lacewood, this straight-grained hardwood has a reddish brown to pinkish shade. Its unique texture makes it perfect for unique decorative objects and furniture.

Louro Gamela - Sextonia ruba
With wavy, ribbon-like interlocking grains this hardwood, also known as the Red Louro, has a rich, reddish-brown tone and gives off a
golden sheen.



Thomas Lutazi, Founder

Thomas Lutazi brings a comprehensive background in financial management, investor relations, web development, and entrepreneurship to the table with the launch of KAIDA.

Thomas grew up visiting the woodworking shops of his grandfathers, and reconnected with his love for woodworking through his travels to Manaus, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Amazonas. It was there that he befriended the indigenous artisans of Manaus and the idea for KAIDA was born.

“When you enable the Indigenous community in Manaus to profit from their work as artisans, it creates an even larger scale positive impact on the community and its ecological surroundings. A requisite when creating KAIDA was to give back to the Manaus community by raising awareness about deforestation, bringing sustainable social development to the region, obtaining resources in a non-predatory form, and guaranteeing a dignified income for all.”
— Thomas Lutazi, Founder